Prescription Savings on Arthritis & Diabetes Medications: New from CapitolRX

CapitolRX announced the launch of their new Prescription Discount Savings Card offering significant savings on most FDA-approved Medications. This free card is valid at pharmacies nationwide, is activated immediately, and ready to use. For more information, visit the website at

New service from CapitolRX allows consumers to receive significant discounts on most FDA-approved Medications. These savings are delivered via the use of a discount card with a special code on it, not unlike the account numbers on the back of insurance cards today, Cards can be obtained from the CapitolRX website and can be used right away.

When asked about these programs, O. Ross Bryant, President of CapitolRX, had this to say, “Many Americans do not have adequate pharmacy insurance benefits for the prescriptions they take every day. This service from CapitolRX helps them afford these medications while saving money for the other necessities of life.”

When asked how this service works, Bryant went on to say, “Getting and using the card from CapitolRX is completely free, these benefits come from the power of bulk buying. By partnering with some of the largest prescription claims administrators, they can negotiate lower prices with the drug providers. They pay us when the card is used – that’s why it’s free.”

This service is valid at pharmacies nationwide and a handy search tool is provided on the site to help find local pharmacies. This card can be used as frequently as necessary, it never expires, and can be shared with friends and family. In order to use the Prescription Discount Card from CapitolRX simply print it out, or download it to a smart phone, and take it to the pharmacy and pick up the medication.

Other features on the website include a section for frequently asked questions, plus reviews from happy, satisfied customers. Also available from CapitolRX include a health & wellness blog with articles of interest on a growing list of many of the issues facing Americans everyday. Visit the blog here:

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