Premium Pig Ears for Dogs Launched by Divine K9 Exclusively on Amazon

Divine K9 just released its newest product, Premium Pig Ears for Dogs, in packages of 20 and 100, exclusively on

Divine K9 just released its newest product, Premium Pig Ears for Dogs, in packages of 20 and 100, exclusively on The company has launched a more natural and organic version of the product, which is highly suitable for all dogs. Pig ears have long been a favorite treat for dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes and types – just ask any dog to test one – the results are astounding.

A spokeswoman for the company says: “Our new pig ears dog treats come in packages of 20 and 100. They are oven roasted, huge in size and sourced from cattle only in North and South America – never China. In our testing, dogs of all sizes love them. And if you are a owner of a smaller dog, our pig ears can easily be cut up to share between multiple dogs or to save a section for later use. But the part I like best is that we have had them all individually wrapped so that everyone can carry one with them and their pet anywhere and not get their hands or clothes dirty – me included.”

Pigs ears are not only organic; they are also rich in Amino Acids, containing 9 out of 10 essential for your dog’s health. So not only are pig ears tasty, they are also healthy dog treats that satisfy a dogs natural urge to chew. Moreover, the individual packaging helps keep the product fresher, greatly reducing and even avoiding the stains that can occur in handling these kinds of meaty dog treats.

“My dog just goes crazy for pig ears – she can smell them before I even get in the house. These are packaged very well and I like that they aren’t greasy like the ones I bought at the local pet store that are in an open bin. These pig ears also pretty substantial – not the paper thin ones – so hopefully it will take my dog longer to eat thru it. And they are sourced from here in the US, ok and also S. America which is fine by me. Just glad they aren’t from another part of the world as I made the mistake of feeding my dog a product from another country and my dog got pretty sick. So always looking for products sourced here in the US.,” says a recent pig ear customer of Divine K9.

The new product has garnered a lot of positive reviews. Oven roasted, smoked, an average size of 6?x5?, 100% digestible and fresh and chewy, Divine K9 pig ears are a healthy alternative to rawhide.

“I love that these pig ears are individually wrapped which I think they keep them more preserved. I have several dogs and they just love them.The dogs stare me down for these and turn there nose up on their other treats. Plus it keeps them occupied for about 30 minutes or so, I am sure that most dogs would prefer these over other dog treats and they are natural.,” says L. Ferris, Georgia.

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