Premium Costa Rica Medium Roast Whole Beans | Caturra & Catuai Coffee Launched

Boss Brew Coffee announced new, organic, medium roast whole beans from Costa Rica.

The coffee company’s new beans are of the Caturra and Catuai variety, which have been eco-pulped and sundried to develop the best flavor and body. Customers can get these beans, whole or ground, in 12 oz, 1-lb, 2-lb, and 5-lb bags.

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The launch of the new coffee beans coincides with the Reuters report on Costa Rica’s carbon-neutral coffee production. Since claiming the top spot as the world’s most sustainable coffee producer, Costa Rica has experienced a surge in demand for their eco-friendly coffee beans.

According to Boss Brew Coffee, the beans that they source from micro-farms in Alajuela, Costa Rica, are medium to dark roasted to bring out the beans’ citrusy and fruity flavors. Reminiscent of sweet apple, raisin, and honey, the coffee is good hot or iced and lends itself well to cold brewing.

Caturra and Catuai beans are prized for their delicate, nuanced flavor and high yield. In Costa Rica, they are cultivated at higher altitudes to increase the quality and size of the beans. Boss Brew Coffee explains that these varieties are difficult to grow because they require extensive care and ample fertilization. They are also very sensitive to waterlogging.

The company further explains that the beans are worthy of a premium price because almost all of the processing is done by hand and in small batches to ensure quality. Coffee aficionados can taste the deeper, more complex flavor of these single-origin beans.

The freshly harvested coffee undergoes two major processes prior to roasting: pulping and drying. Boss Brew Coffee clarifies that while a machine is utilized for eco-pulping, it uses 80% less water than industrial pulping, making it the better option for the environment. After this process, the beans are dried under the sun to deepen their flavor.

About the Company

Boss Brew Coffee is passionate about discovering coffee from small farms all over the world, and sharing them with their customers. They have a wide range of beans on offer, from single-origin beans to seasonal, flavored blends.

“I think the Costa Rica beans are my new favorite. Love it all the ways I drink coffee. It is good hot, over ice, with or without sugar and cream,” a satisfied customer said.

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