Premium Blend Probiotic Discounted For New Years Resolution Makers Aiming For Healthy 2015

Discount Offered On Highly Reviewed Probiotic Supplement to Help Those New Years Resolution Makers Who Want to Start On A Healthy Path in 2015

Wholeness Therapeutics, a distributor of health supplements and  fitness items announced today thatthey are offering $5 off their highly reviewed supplement Probiotics PremiumBlend in time to help people achieve their New Year’s resolutions relating to healthand fitness.

Annie French, Co-Founder of Wholeness Therapeutics, notedthat there was a sharp increase in sales nationwide after the New Year lastyear of nutritional supplements that helped individuals achieve a healthierlifestyle.  “Some people may find it cliché to make New Year’s resolutions, butthere is undoubtedly a psychological boost at the New Year for those people who wishto get on or “back on” the path to good health. We are offering this discount now tohelp them do just that.”

Studies conducted in the past year on probiotics have notonly found that digestion balance is increased, but they have further exploreduses for probiotics beyond stomach, diarrhea and digestion relief. Scientistsare now further studying the connection between the stomach and the brain.Research is showing that probiotics may help relieve anxiety and depressioneven.  Past studies have noted thatintake of probiotics via daily nutritional capsules and through eating foodsrich in probiotics have similar beneficial effects.

Dr. Bill Sears, a pediatrician who has practiced over 42years and frequently prescribes probiotics to his patients either to assistthem with balance when taking antibiotics or to help them with digestive issuessays about probiotic supplements, “Anytime you take a nutritional supplement you ask twoquestions: Is there science supporting that it gets into the blood and doesgood things for the body? And does it make good sense? And probiotics fulfillboth of those.”

WholenessTherapeutics Probiotic Premium Blend is available in the Amazon Marketplace andAnnie French says the discount will be available through the month ofJanuary.

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