Precision Farming Solutions LLC Brings DIY Field Tiling to Farmers in Indiana

Precision Farming Solutions LLC, which is one of the leading precision ag companies in the state of Indiana, is now helping local farmers in Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky to do do-it-yourself field tiling. The company is owned and operated by Mr. Rick Applegate.

Farmers seeking to increase yield potential, to extend planting and harvest season windows, and to reduce soil nutrient loss are discovering the value of field tiling. Recent developments in technology have made the task much easier, which is encouraging farmers to invest in their own tiling equipment.

The big new technology in this area is the Intellislope tile plow controller, which allows an operator to install tile without complicated laser surveying equipment and calculations. Instead, the operator can simply drive across the field, allowing the Intellislope to calculate and record slope and grade changes on the go. This information is then used to help map the best location and depth for tile lines.

“Today more than 90% of all tile plows are sold with Intellislope technology,” says Rick Applegate, the founder and owner of Precision Farming Solutions LLC, one of the leading precision ag companies in the state of Indiana. “It takes all the difficulty out of planning and calculating the placement and depth of the tile. When we show people how much simpler it makes tiling, they are instantly sold.”

Applegate reports that farmers are now beginning to realize that purchasing their own tiling equipment is a smart investment, often with a payback of less than one year. “For example,” Applegate says, “industry-leading Soil-Max Gold Digger tile plows, the kind that we recommend to all our customers, enable operators to schedule tiling activities at their own convenience at a per-foot rate much lower than traditional tiling operations. These activities can result in a yield boost of anywhere from 29 to 76%.” And the benefits don’t stop with improved yield in typically wet areas of the field.

“Our customers are discovering that installing drainage tile allows them to get into their fields earlier at planting season,” Applegate reports, “so they can often plant longer season varieties that tend to yield better.” And he adds that soil temperatures are typically warmer in the early spring with well drained soil – so germination happens sooner. And soil compaction is less of a problem because you don’t have heavy equipment rolling over wet soil.

Precision Farming Solutions is a small but technologically sophisticated organization which provides highly advanced, highly reliable precision ag tools designed to significantly improve farm profitability.

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