Precious Metal Sales Portfolio Diversification Marketing System Webinar Launched

An expert-led webinar has been launched covering The Wealth Autopilot system. It showcases proven strategies for promoting 7K Metals and driving residual income on autopilot.

A new webinar has been launched covering The Wealth Autopilot system and how it can help entrepreneurs earn additional income from home. Run by an experienced marketer and member of Four Percent, it’s designed to provide actionable tips for running a lifestyle business.

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By signing up for the newly launched webinar, anyone can learn tips and strategies from Vick Strizheus, who created his own business in two weeks.

He covers his exact methodology in-depth, and webinar attendees will be able to implement his proven system to create, grow and run their own home-based business.

By signing up using the link above, entrepreneurs can learn directly from Vick. He covers key business lessons, product selection advice and discusses the importance of developing a system for sustained success.

No prior experience is needed to sign up for The Wealth Autopilot program. By joining, members will learn results-backed methods for business promotion, allowing them to advertise 7K Metals to a wider audience.

7K Metals allows all members to purchase gold and silver at dealer’s (wholesale) prices. This is important for investment purposes because precious metals are a reliable way of hedging against inflation.

Gold has historically outperformed the stock market in times of financial instability. With systemic financial concerns throughout the US and the world, more people are advised to invest in gold as a rare, physical asset.

7K Metals empowers entrepreneurs to run their own business selling a product that a large number of prospects are interested in. With investment experts citing that 10 to 15% of a portfolio should be invested in precious metals, the potential audience grows.

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The Wealth Autopilot system makes it easier for anyone to advertise 7K Metals and drive increased engagement and lead generation. The program provides a “done for you” training course on promotion, recruiting, duplication, and more, all geared towards increasing residual income.

Vick Strizheus (the webinar presenter) states: “Learn how I created a $10,000 per week business in two weeks, step by step – and how you can too!”

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