Precious Metal Investment Guide Gold Retirement Portfolio Expert Report Released

Goldco’s 2021 investment guide provides a resource for those considering adding bullion or precious metal ETFs to their retirement assets. The guide focuses on portfolio diversification and protection.

A comprehensive guide to gold investment has been released by Goldco. The report provides details on the benefits of including gold in a retirement portfolio.

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The release of the guide, endorsed by celebrity spokesperson Chuck Norris, positions gold as an investment to diversify and protect the retirement portfolio. Precious metal assets provide owner-directed control without taxes or penalties.

Gold is viewed as a safe haven investment during periods of market volatility and risk aversion, according to Investing News Network. In times of social and economic unrest, precious metals are traditionally viewed as important components in portfolio diversification.

The 2021 gold investment guide outlines the value of gold for IRA transactions and defines the multiple investment avenues for gold held as bullion or other types of investments.

Physical bullion or gold coin assets are often the asset class of choice for small investors who hold the gold locally or in a vault. Examples of new coin issues include the South African Krugerrand, the American Eagle, or the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Financiers more often purchase gold shares of a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF). For example, SPDR Gold Shares (GLD), is one of the established ETFs with shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange throughout the trading day, much like a stock.

Another investment alternative as part of an advanced strategy is to trade gold futures and options on the commodities market.

Goldco’s 2021 guide provides valuable information on investment considerations such as confirming the purity of bullion, insuring physical assets, and understanding paper investments, risk and benefits.

Like all investments, holding gold comes with expenses, risks, and value. It is important for investors, particularly those close to retirement, to analyze risks and benefits by acquiring the best information available.

Goldco’s website and 2021 gold investment guidebook provide seven ways to invest in gold and explain what percentage precious metals should represent in an investment mix.

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