Pre-K Reading/Writing Classes – Spelling And Fluency Literacy Program Launched

The Reading Ranch updates its proprietary Virtual Learning Program (VLP) to help students achieve academic success in reading, writing, fluency, and comprehension.

Literacy online tutor, The Reading Ranch, announces its updated virtual learning programs for pre-K to Grade 6 students to improve their reading, writing, and comprehension skills. The school uses its proprietary Virtual Literacy Program (VLP) to guide students towards academic success.

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The updated program includes the latest research on phonemic awareness and phonics to develop noticeable literacy advancements among children. Its founder, Dr. Kim Southwell, developed the curriculum using a multi-sensory teaching approach to make learning enjoyable for both the teacher and students.

Long-term studies have found that well-designed tutoring programs are effective in improving children’s academic abilities. For literacy tutoring, in particular, it is essential that children feel that they can actively engage and interact with accessible teachers.

With VLP, only one to two children are taught per teacher. This means that each child receives personalized education that caters to their learning style. It also fosters a trusting relationship between the students and the tutor.

VLP features 50-minute-long classes, compared to other online tutoring companies that offer 25-minute sessions. The additional minutes ensure that students can learn and ask questions and are not pressured to complete their lessons in a limited time. A complete breakdown of how the classes are taught can be seen at

The Reading Ranch is a results-driven online tutor that uses research-based methods and practices to offer each child personalized instruction, with teachers able to respond to students’ needs in real-time. Classes in phonics, spelling, fluency, and comprehension are offered monthly.

Each interactive class uses a multi-sensory teaching approach to ensure that students are fully engaged with the lesson. The goal of VLP is to provide comprehensive intervention in reading and writing while giving students the confidence and independence to be successful in literacy.

With its updated program, The Reading Ranch continues its mission of providing high-quality literacy tutoring for pre-kindergarten to Grade 6 students. The after-school program is also suitable for ELL/ESL.

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