Pre-IPO Ventures Gives Accredited Investors Access to Unicorn Pre-IPO’s

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Pre-IPO Ventures releases previously unpublished facts about its upcoming Pre-IPO Access. Further information can be found at

Ahead of the launch of its new Pre-IPO Access service, Pre-IPO Ventures is making public unreleased facts about the service which accredited investors and high net worth individuals within the Pre-IPO space will find interesting.

The idea for creating the service came about from the Jobs Act.

The Pre-IPO Ventures service has actually been in development for some time now, but just opened a new location in the beginning of the year in South Florida. The team is considered in comparison to their competitors, to having access to the best companies and the best opportunities possible by industry standards. This goes to show the retail/accredited investor doesn’t have to pay sometimes inflated prices on IPO day, they can align themselves with the “Smart Money.” How you may ask? By getting in on these opportunities in the late stages, but still before companies like Air BNB, Snowflake and Palantir Technologies went public.

Pre-IPO Ventures wasn’t able to bring Pre-IPO access to see the light of day until they were sure clients/investors were getting delivered Pre-IPO stock at the best price they could access it at and that these investors were in the most profitable position. The problem was overcame by getting access to a network of funds that could guarantee allocations as well as give clients the lowest upfront fees on their investments.

Pre-IPO Ventures has done something different compared to other businesses in the Pre-IPO’s space. The service is different because they don’t charge their investors any upfront fees or management fees. Just a carried interest on profits ONLY. Their motto is “When you profit, we profit.”

The Pre-IPO access service will be released as part of Pre-IPO Ventures greater plans to their ultimate goal which is to get access for accredited investors and high net worth individuals to funds that have the strongest Pre-IPO opportunities. “This goal Is hoped to be achieved daily” according to insiders of the company.

Pre-IPO Ventures got its start when Founder Shon Ranawat noticed a growing need for access to companies in the Pre-IPO space by the retail investor. Not just the large institutions who continued to compound wealth year over year. The founder has had experience in the Sales and Marketing field as well as the Finance field, for almost 7 years now. With prior experience in the Pre-IPO world, Shon decided to go ahead and start in 2020.

Shon Ranawat is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our investors, we try to understand where they’re at in their investment journey and what their future plans are, in hopes of giving them access to quality companies at deep discounts to their anticipated IPO valuations. We plan to do this by releasing these little factoids ahead about our service and truly believe this is what makes a difference to investors portfolio returns.”

Pre-IPO Ventures pre-ipo access service is open and launched January 1, 2021. To find out more about Pre-IPO Ventures and the new service, it’s possible to visit

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