Pre-IPO Access Investment Fund – Private Company Stock Buying Service Launched

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Boca Raton, Florida-based Pre-IPO Ventures has just updated its access service, which helps clients become early backers of multi billion-dollar tech startups.

Pre-IPO Ventures of Boca Raton, Florida, announces the launch of its updated investment access service. The company enables clients to invest in promising startups before they become listed on public stock exchanges.

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The investment expert specifically targets high-tech companies given the rapid growth experienced by the technology and IT sectors in recent years. It has helped clients become early backers of very successful ventures such as Airbnb, Facebook, and LinkedIn, among others.

An initial public offering or IPO is the end goal of all startups, as this process can help them become a unicorn or billion-dollar company. If investors purchase stocks before a venture goes public, they can realize returns of up to 3950%.

To achieve such results, however, stock buyers must first identify and get access to tech companies that are poised for mainstream success. Pre-IPO Ventures, through its extensive investor network, provides valuable counsel so that clients can become backers of next-generation unicorn companies.

The firm pools money from various investors and creates a fund (organized as an LLC) to purchase shares from up-and-coming startups. Each fund is helmed by an experienced manager who ensures the viability and profitability of each investment made.

The Boca Raton-based firm currently has investment opportunities in the wealth management, payment processing, social media, and cloud data management sectors. It has successfully introduced investors to pre-IPO ventures such as Addepar, Marqeta, SpaceX, Plaid, Triller, Procore, and Rubrik.

Pre-IPO Ventures has strong ties to both Silicon Valley and Wall Street, allowing it to keep abreast of the most important trends in the high-tech sector. Its team provides expert advice and can assist both first-time or experienced angel investors.

The company’s goal is to level the playing field by ensuring that retail investors have easy access to high-tech investment opportunities. Over the years, it has helped clients multiply their wealth by making sound and strategic stock purchases.

A spokesperson says: “Our purpose is to connect you with funds that have the strongest pre-IPO opportunities. As our history of private company stock purchases demonstrates, we have a track record of achieving significant year-on-year returns for our investors.”

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