Practice Management Software – Health Clinic Online Scheduling System Launched

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A medical practice and health clinic management software company launched an automated online scheduling and organizational system to help healthcare practices with their clinic operations.

Power Diary, a practice management software company, launched its updated automated online scheduling and organizational system designed for health clinics.

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The newly updated practice management software is currently being used in 23 countries and has been providing valuable administrative and organizational help to both solo practitioners and large-scale health establishments. The software aims to provide clinicians with a simple yet effective way to streamline their day-to-day operations.

According to the creators of Power Diary, running a clinic is a gargantuan task. When health care providers are forced to focus on administrative tasks and daily clinic operations, the quality of patient care may be compromised. This is why they created the software—to improve the overall organization of every practice and empower staff so that attention can be refocused back to their patients and their needs.

Power Diary provides its users with effective administrative tasks organization, streamlined appointment bookings, simplified invoice creation and billing, and patient medical records management. Visit to find out more.

The main feature of Power Diary’s clinic management software is a simple but powerful universal calendar. The calendar provides a quick view of all appointments, practitioner availabilities, and a portal to create new appointments instantly.

It also has telehealth video call capabilities, making it easy for health care providers to conference with their patients virtually when physical meetings cannot be arranged. The technology is secure with end-to-end encryptions. It does not require login information—just clicking on a link on any device will take the users to the scheduled appointment.

The software also utilizes online forms and streamlines client records. It has customizable treatment note templates, integrated payment processing, automated appointment reminders, 24/7 online booking, and business operations reports and analytics.

According to a spokesperson from Power Diary, “We’ve been established for over 12 years now so our software is tried and tested. We also take a long-term view with everything – which impacts the quality of our development, our client relationships, and our team.”

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