PPP Business Recovery Center Assists Imperial County Small Business Re-Establish

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PPP Business Recovery Center 888-363-3912 assisting Imperial County small business loan recipients attain compliance forgiveness and appeals-Marketing plan development-free ads & tools

After 19 months of disruption of normal business operations caused by the global pandemic, Imperial County businesses are ready to get back to a sense of normal. However, that is showing to be much easier said than done around El Centro, Brawley, Calexico and all over Imperial County. Returning to business as normal, in reality, is painstakingly slow. Getting to re-establish to pre-COVID 19 levels in many cases has become impossible.

Small disadvantaged MBE, Chemeria Consutancy, established in 1973 has fully funded the opening of the PPP Business Recovery Center in San Diego, CA. The PPP BRC in San Diego is working with all PPP recipients nationwide to establish their new business normal, audit PPP loan compliance, provide small business PPP loan forgiveness application forms assistance, submit proper PPP loan appeals, and obtain additional funding and loan packaging. They also help develop marketing plans and explore new alternatives for operating businesses,

A.D. “Tony” Inocentes retired Founder and Principal of Chemeria Consultancy has suspended his retirement along with other successful retirees to form a corp of business consultants to consult PPP recipient business operators to COVID19 recovery. . Inocentes says he sees more problems coming in the horizon. He said the PPP BRC in San Diego is scheduling Free 1 hour Strategic Recovery Sessions for any PPP recipient with outstanding loans. “We will use this hour to examine current operations, engagement and retention of old and present customer plans, explore new operation alternatives, review loan compliance, and the prospects of loan forgiveness,” Inocentes said. The sessions are done telephonic or by Zoom.

Inocentes added further, “It’s of the utmost importance that businesses get their return to operation strategy correct the first time. There is little wiggle room for getting this wrong and starting over. For some, this will be their one and only chance to restart. This is it there are no more chances to get it right.”

Chemeria Consultancy has been globally consulting and providing financial services to businesses for over 48 years ever since being founded in the Port of Los Angeles, region of CA. The company, thru its syndication network, is involved with providing brand promotion, public relations, reputation management, digital marketing, and advertising services as well.

To schedule a FREE Strategic Recovery Session with a Small Business Recovery Consultant, obtain further details on services offered or to learn about specials and discounts provided to members go visit their website at https://ppploancompliancerecoveryforgiveness.chemeria.com/ or call 888-363-3912.

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