PPE and COVID-19 Test Kits Bulk Group Pricing From Vetted Manufacturers Launched

Kannon Global Health has launched affordable PPE and COVID-19 Test Kits. They buy in bulk and pass the savings on to all companies no matter what their size.

Kannon Global Health has launched an initiative to supply companies around the globe with affordable PPE and COVID-19 test kits. Its years in the industry have positioned it to exert the leverage of group pricing for the benefit of companies everywhere.

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The launch of reasonably priced PPE and COVID-19 test kits by Kannon Global Health has been possible because of its vast network of verified suppliers. Now companies can be assured they are getting the very best pricing on these essential items.

Kannon Global Health is helping connect businesses with leading PPE and COVID-19 Test Kit manufacturers around the world. The innovation lies in combining massive scale pricing with minimum order quantities from vetted manufacturers with a reliable and secure supply chain.

Kannon Global Health specializes in saving companies money by connecting them to high-quality PPE & Testing Kits. They promote a universal COVID-19 PCR test Kit. The Universal Test Kit that works with any manufacturers PCR instrumentation. Their goal is to provide a superior test kit that offers accurate results, vendor neutrality, and patient comfort to healthcare professionals around the world.

Another vital item they have is virus transport kits. The collection tube contains virus lysis and virus nucleic acid preservation media, which contains a high concentration of guanidinium salt and nucleic acid stabilizer. Nucleic acid stabilizers in the liquid protect released nucleic acids (RNA or DNA) from gradation by RNase and DNase.

Their N95 Masks, 5 Ply foldable face masks serve as respiratory protective devices designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. The edges of the respirator are designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth

The launch of affordable and accessible PPE and COVID-19 test kits continues Kannon Global Health’s tradition of putting the customer first.

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Kannon Global was also recently featured on Innovationsoftheworld.com

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