PPC Lead Generation Platform For Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns Launched

A Denmark-based lead generation company launches a new platform with the goal of allowing businesses to launch highly-targeted email marketing campaigns.

Denmark-based company Sumo Traffic launches a pay-per-click platform that aims to drive visits to business websites through emails. The service it provides is designed for various types of enterprises looking for a fast and scalable way of generating website traffic.

More information can be found at https://www.sumotraffic.com.

The newly launched platform called Solo Ads offers a highly-targeted approach to marketing as it leverages the company’s extensive list of niche-specific leads. Instead of the usual PPC methods that attract potential customers from search engines like Google, it proactively reaches out to a large group of individuals with actual interest in the business offers.

To get their campaigns started, clients simply have to determine the amount of traffic that they wish to generate. Sumo Traffic takes care of writing the email promo and sending it out to their targeted list of subscribers. Clients may then expect visitors to come through the page that they nominated.

The company recommends that the traffic be directed to a simple opt-in page instead of a sales page. Recognizing the tendency of most people to not make a purchase on their first website visit, capturing the leads allows the businesses to send follow-up emails until the visitors are converted.

Sumo Traffic utilizes a technique that prohibits leads from seeing the same campaign twice within a set period. By putting this measure in place, the company is better able to guarantee a fresh and responsive pool of leads for their clients. The same scheme also helps minimize the number of users who are unsubscribing to their emails.

As Sumo Traffic’s founder states, “There is a reason why my customers always come back to me for more traffic. I focus on serving loyal and repeat customers. They always come back for more because I never over-email my list at any given time.”

Solo Ads offers an appropriate service package for those who wish to venture into a small online business. The traffic generation platform also has suitable offers for more established companies looking to complement their internet marketing and affiliate marketing campaigns.

Interested parties may access additional details by visiting the website above.

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