Powerful Aversion Strategy Helps Diabetics Break Free of Sugar Cravings in Record Time

Diabetics and prediabetics curbing sugar cravings in record time during quick video chat with Hypnotherapist Eric Rosen. Consumption of diabetic-unfriendly foods typically drops from daily to weekly or monthly. 10% discount expires 11:59PM of American Diabetes Association Alert Day, March 24th.

Diabetics and prediabetics who, for years, just could not stop eating candy, chocolate, soda, bread, chips and other high glycemic foods are finally curbing sugar cravings following a fast and fun video chat with Hypnotherapist Eric Rosen.

As the spell of those addicting foods shatters, what used to be “yummy” turns to “yuck!” allowing diabetics and everyday foodies to go from slave to master of their cravings. After just one session, clients’ consumption of the sugary food typically drops from daily to weekly or monthly.

Says Rosen, “For diabetics and prediabetics, this is huge! Many have given up hope of ever taking back control and viewed craving for sugar as their lot in life. Now, they can enjoy those once-addicting foods without shame or fear of ‘falling off the wagon.'”

Diabetics and prediabetics can completely make over their relationship with food by targeting items in the different categories they find so tempting. Rosen, in concert with the client and their medical professional, helps diabetics follow the advice in Dr. Mark Hyman’s New York Times bestseller, “The Blood Sugar Solution,” by eliminating cravings for multiple foods such as grains, starches, dairy, sweet fruits and other sugar-laden confections.

Because the idea of such quick and easy elimination of food cravings is still very new to the general public, Rosen is offering those who qualify, a “Bust Your Sugar Cravings” that includes one session and two check-ins at a 10% discount when they book online before the end of American Diabetes Association Alert Day, March 24th.

A 5-minute phone chat is needed to determine if a person qualifies. People interested in finding out if they qualify can request a phone chat now.

The idea for the offer came to Rosen while reviewing the emotional eating advice on the ADA website. “I agree completely with noticing your emotional eating triggers and finding other ways to fulfill your emotional needs. Just the same, if life at home or work is too stressful for you to carve out the ‘me time’ this requires or that sugary food just seems to get eaten too quickly, consider a Bust Your Cravings!? session so you can change the addicting food from a frequent crutch to the occasional treat it was meant to be.”

About Eric Rosen, MHT, MNLP, MMER®

Eric Rosen is a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release®. Rosen is also a practitioner of Quantum Touch, a form of energy healing. He works with people and businesses to reduce stress and release emotional blocks so they achieve a more productive work-life balance, embrace exercise, let go of emotional eating, and eliminate cravings for addictive foods. Rosen meets with clients over Skype, Google Hangouts and at his office in Los Altos, CA. Visit him online at BustYourCravings.com.

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