Power4Patriots Officials Pleased With Increasing Cost-Effectiveness of Solar Power

Federal and state tax credits are making solar power more cost-effective for homeowners and businesses. Power4Patriots is a product that can make it even more so.

Power4Patriots officials are enthusiastic about the trend toward more cost-effective solar power availability for homeowners and businesses. According to a recent Yahoo News article, the time has never been better for individuals and business owners to invest in solar power.

With the recent extension of the U.S. federal government’s solar energy investment tax credit and individual state tax credits, an environment conducive to promoting solar power as a viable alternative energy source is emerging.

“Solar-generated power has become more popular recently with homeowners and businesses, and decreasing costs have a lot to do with that,” said Allen Baler, Partner at 4Patriots LLC, which provides products that help people become more independent and self-reliant, including Power4Patriots.

4Patriots takes it one step farther by showing people how to build and install their own solar panels and wind turbines, so the savings are even greater. They do this through Power4Patriots, a recently updated series of videos and manuals describing how to build solar panels, wind turbines, water heaters and solar heaters.

The system includes six videos demonstrating how to build a solar panel, including choosing the right materials, finding the right site for the system and avoiding costly mistakes, as well as two instruction manuals with step-by-step, illustrated directions. It also includes four videos and two instruction manuals detailing how to build a wind turbine.

The costs are under $200 to build a solar panel and under $200 to build a wind turbine, on average. The time commitment to build a solar panel ranges from two to four hours, with the first one requiring more time than subsequent panels. A wind turbine requires a handful of hours to build.

Consumers who purchase already-made solar panels and wind turbines spend three to four times that amount. Installing solar panels and a wind turbine at one’s home will cut energy costs by as much as 75 percent.

Power4Patriots is a series of videos and manuals that teach do-it-yourselfers how to build solar panels, wind turbines, water heaters and solar heaters. Cost savings are up to 75 percent.

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