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New high-quality power bands have been released by the leading online distributor of sports gear. They may be used in stretching, toning muscles, CrossFit, PT, pilates, yoga and more.

Physix Sport Gear, a leading online sports gear distributor has released the 2020 collection of power bands. They are designed for workouts at the gym or rehab at the physical therapists office. They assist in both stretching and muscle development.

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This sports gear release comes in a set of four large power bands. They are purple, green, pink and blue and the set is economically priced at just $39.95. The power bands may be used for pull up assistance, muscle toning, glutes, CrossFit, physical therapy, pilates, yoga and more.

These Physix power bands are accompanied by a travel bag for easy transportation. The travel bag helps keep the bands organized for quick access.

A pull body pump is possible with these bands in less than 20 minutes. A heavy-duty assisted pull up band is included in the package and may be used for pull-ups and explosive powerlifting exercises.

The sports power bands come with a video that benefits both beginners and seasoned athletes. The video shows how these power bands take anyone to the next fitness training or rehab level.

Strength is quickly developed and users have commented that after using these power bands they almost become addictive. The power bands provide endless muscle growth by providing multiple levels of training resistance. The thicker band can be added to a smaller band to squeeze out additional power reps. This technique of mixing and maxing trains muscles throughout the body to grow and adapt for optimal development.

Progressive resistance may also be achieved by using the power bands while doing repetitions of squats, bench, standard barbells machines and, dumbbells. The same result is felt with traditional routines like TRX and Chin Ups. However, Physix Bands can be used for dynamic workouts with or without weights.

These dynamic power bands have been released by the leading online sports gear distributor and are ready for delivery.

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