Posture Keeper for Instant Posture Transformation and Pain Relief

Poor posture is an issue that plagues millions of Americans, one in three office workers suffer from chronic back or neck pain, as a result of spending hours working at a computer. Posture Keeper aims to improve how people sit and work.

Designed ergonomically to fit around shoulders and arms, Posture Keeper gently reminds you to sit upright and takes control of posture pain from the comfort of your chair.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 21, 2018) – Posture Keeper is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a do-it-yourself device designed to prevent slouching and improve posture while you work.

Set up on any office chair in just 30 seconds, Posture Keeper gently reminds you to sit upright, retrains muscle memory and helps eliminate chronic neck, shoulder and back pain.

Poor posture is an issue that plagues millions of Americans, as studies show that one in three office workers suffer from chronic back or neck pain, as a result of spending hours working at a computer. While many devices aim to address this pain, none proactively work to solve the issue over the long-term.

Posture Keeper works by helping the user sit upright and uses a lumbar system to help retrain muscle memory. Using padded straps that gently rest on the shoulders, the self-correcting mechanism lets the wearer know when they’re leaning forward and helps avoid the painful effects of prolonged poor posture.

Founder Shirley Tan personally fought chronic neck and back pain for years and tested every medication and device with little to no improvement. “When the doctor suggested I stop working because of my neck and back pain, my breath stopped.” said Tan. “The last thing I wanted was to leave, but he informed me that years of being hunched over, staring into the computer had taken its toll. I was suffering from radiating pain on both arms, stiff neck and tight shoulders. I was tired of chronic pain.”

Tan, an experienced entrepreneur, founded The Posture Keeper to help address the root of chronic pain with a simple, transportable and easy-to-use device.

“I designed a chiropractor approved device that will help everyday office workers to improve their posture and live without pain over the long-term. Posture Keeper solves the issue of leaning forward and takes less than 30 seconds to set up” continued Tan.

Features include:

• LUMBAR SYSTEMS – Enjoy comfortable lumbar support where your ears, shoulders and hips are kept in alignment and the natural inward curvature of your lower spine is maintained. Posture Keeper offers extra comfort with real memory foam, keeping you comfortable and relaxed.

• STOPS NECK STRAIN – The Posture Keeper prevents you from leaning forward and straining your neck. When you lean forward, the muscles in your neck tighten, forcing them to work harder to support your head. Sitting all day exposes you to huge risks for nerve, muscle, and stiff necks!

• FITS MOST CHAIRS – Designed to fit most chairs, you won’t feel the Posture Keeper taking up most of your seat and pushing you off the chair like other lumbar pillows. Adjustable to your height and chair so when you sit right, you don’t even notice it.

• QUICK & EASY SET UP – It takes less than 30 seconds to assemble the Posture Keeper. Featuring a quick release mechanism that lets you easily get in and out, no tech, no battery, no assistant needed to improve your posture and relieve your back pain.

• COMFORTABLE STRAPS – Lightweight, ergonomic design, adjustable to fit most people from 4’ to 6’4

The Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise $10,000.00, Perks include a super early bird price of $77 for a Posture Keeper, saving 40% off MSRP and delivers within the US.

About Posture Keeper

Shirley Tan is the author of Ecom Hell, Founder of The Systems Coach and the original Founder of Previously she worked at Yahoo as Director of Product, part of the Growth Team in 2016. She also founded Rumors Inc., a wholesale/retail wedding supplies company.

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