Positive Societal Changes Victory For Mankind Initiative Platform Launched

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A new initiative and platform have been launched in a bid to bring people together as Society I Am explains their Victory campaign is reflective of the fact society is more divided than ever.

A new initiative and platform have been launched in a bid to bring people together and offer a space for positive changes to take place in society locally and globally. Society I Am explains the Victory campaign is focused on the fact many people are looking for a solution they can believe in.

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The newly launched initiative is reflective of the fact society is becoming increasingly divided on a global scale explain the team. They add that historically people have been told to avoid controversial topics of conversation such as religion and politics, but perhaps people should talk more openly.

Social issues, politics, and religion continue to be the most divisive issues and the Society I Am team explain people may feel like there is nothing apparent that can unite people, which is why they have launched their campaign. The team add their campaign is designed to provide practical solutions that address the challenges being faced by people.

A nurturing healing solution is needed explain the team, as people may be feeling overwhelmed at the end of this year. They add a victory for mankind is needed, hence the name of their campaign, which is designed to inspire and bring people together.

They begin by explaining what a victory is not despite what governments may proclaim. For instance, when one group dominates another group, punishing people with differing opinions, winning at all costs, and being governed by fear and manipulated by those with small minds should not be considered victories.

Victories could be considered when people embrace truth and live not as Sisyphus. The team explain that the figure from Greek mythology became infamous for his trickery and cheating death, which teaches people to accept their failures rather than trying to escape them.

A spokesperson said: “People can take action, or they can continue to wish for the best. We encourage people to seek clarity as without compromise, clarity, and understanding, we will continue to live in a divided and ever chaotic world that lacks compassion.”

To find out more and support the initiative, interested parties are invited to visit the link provided. Alternatively, the YouTube channel can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBI9sSUdrg4ZX0e2HCA3U8A.

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