Positive Leadership Journal Provides Insights to Support Managers into 2016

Established and emerging leaders looking for new strategies and insights on positive leadership and management can access the second issue of People & Purpose - the Positive Leadership Journal, containing a range of articles and multimedia content.

The second issue of People & Purpose, the Positive Leadership Journal has been released. The publication helps established and emerging leaders cut through the clutter and get to the most important aspects of positive leadership that are essential for success.

The current free multimedia issue is available at http://peopleandpurposejournal.com and in the Apple App Store. The articles in this edition include:

Embodied leadership – Pete Hamill suggests that “there are lots of people who know about leadership, there are very few people who know how to lead.” In his interview he provides thought provoking ideas on leadership development that goes beyond the cognitive.

Managing implementation risk – David Mellor shares his strategies for delivering business plans and change through people.

Successful personal change – Jane Buxton on how simple changes to one’s day-to-day outines can help tackle desired goals.

Political intelligence – in their video presentation, Valerie Wark and Gerry Reffo outline the key aspects of leading in a shared-power world.

The introductory 101 column busts coaching myths and outlines how coaching can lead to enhanced performance. The second part of this article, introducing coaching techniques will appear in the January issue.

To signpost managers to helpful resources, the Journal has book summaries on Midnight Lunch by Sarah Miller Caldicott and Gung Ho! How to Motivate People in Any Organization by Ken Blanchard. In the spirit of looking back, contributions on strengths from the Inspiring Women 2015 Conference are included, and in order to support moving forward five of the best productivity resources are introduced.

When asked about the inspiration for this edition of People & Purpose the Positive Leadership Journal, Eszter Molnar Mills, Editor-in-Chief said “The new year is traditionally a time of reflection and making resolutions. For managers these are key leadership practices: both reviewing the previous year’s performance and planning ahead for change and development. This edition of People and Purpose therefore provides managers with resources to assist them in their own development.”

People & Purpose is available for free and established and emerging leaders are encouraged to share the journal with others who find the information useful.

Eszter Molnar Mills Editor in Chief is available for comment. People & Purpose, the Positive Leadership Journal is published by Formium Development, a strengths-based leadership and organisation development consultancy. Formium focuses on creating effective solutions, which allow clients to identify and build on their strengths and do more of their best work. Its aim is to help individuals and teams improve their performance and become more engaged and more fulfilled within their work. Training and executive coaching is available for managers throughout their career path, including well respected internationally recognised qualifications in management and leadership from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Drawing on academic research and good practice, Formium Development believes that taking a strength-based approach, focusing on positive behaviours and building on what is already working well allows leaders and employees to do more of what they are best at, resulting in enhanced leadership, team and organisational performance.

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