Positive Intent Launches US Wellness and Self-Care Beauty Skincare Website

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Positive Intent, a Illinois-based beauty brand, has launched its newly designed website showcasing its range of therapeutic wellness and beauty products.

Illinois-based beauty and wellness brand Positive Intent has launched its new website detailing its extensive range of skincare and fragrance products. The company combines available beauty cosmetic and therapeutic products with the promotion of positive mantras to support emotional and physical wellbeing.

For more information see https://www.positiveintentbeauty.com

The timely launch of the newly designed website comes as the aid of mental health, self-care and wellness has gathered greater interest and importance in the midst of the current pandemic. With particular emphasis on Aroma Memory, Positive Intent aims for its available products to promote self-change, helping to heal the mind, body and spirit.

Studies suggest that by assigning specific aromas to particular tasks, the mind can be trained to predict and enhance emotional behavior and thoughts through the repeated performance of such tasks. Positive Intent’s product line uses fragrances combined with daily affirmations that encourage customers to create unique aroma memories.

Available products include lip balms, skincare lotions and scrubs, candles, cleansing bars and bath salts, with seasonal collection sets. Each product is aligned in intent with a specific positive mantra. For example, the Spiritual Body Organic Cleansing Bar Soap promotes written intentions of maintaining compassion, its fragrance being associated with emotional harmony.

Further, the skincare nourishment and beauty products use ingredients proven to assist with positive self-growth, reducing stress, boosting mental clarity, and dispelling negative thoughts. The full range of products can be found on the company website.

Additional website features include quizzes to assist visitors in determining thoughts and desires they seek to manifest through available products, as well as which items are best suited for them. Regular blog posts also offer advice and life-coaching strategies on managing thoughts and improving mindsets.

Positive Intent hopes that its brand’s ongoing message of inspiration and encouragement through its therapeutic beauty products will benefit its national customers by eliciting greater positive inner growth.

“We are an intentful beauty brand where beauty meets purposeful manifestation,” said a company spokesperson. “We harness the power of positive mantras, aromatic fragrances and nourishing ingredients aligned with each product’s unique intention to support mood, mind and body.”

Interested parties looking to create self-change and boost self-esteem with therapeutic beauty products are invited to visit the above-mentioned website for more information.

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