Portsmouth B2B Telemarketing Lead Generation KPI Tracking Service Announced

Paragon Marketing has announced a new KPI and internal campaign tracking solution. This allows businesses to monitor every aspect of their campaign and assess time management and performance.

Paragon Marketing, the Portsmouth based B2B telemarketing specialists, have announced that they have developed a ground-breaking new KPI and internal campaign tracking solution for clients. This system helps Paragon’s team to assess each campaign’s performance in the most effective way, and is unique to Paragon Marketing’s service.

More information can be found at: https://paragonmarketing.co.uk

The solution tracks internal performance of all telemarketing projects to include critical stats, calls per hour, % of time spent vs target achieved, contact decision makers reached, successful conversions, time spent on calls vs non-billed admin, retained client values for staff remuneration and more.

Paragon Marketing’s highly trained team of expert staff can therefore effectively manage performance on an hourly basis. This allows them to provide the most accurate time management to ensure all hours of a project are efficient.

For clients, it means that they have access to an accurately time tracked project and a focused and accountable team with the tools needed to execute and report on project performance.

This is an in-house built tracking solution that clients can’t get elsewhere, and is designed to eradicate errors and mis-reporting. It is a great way for businesses to quickly and easily check where their resources are going and how time is being spent.

The system is part of Paragon’s commitment to excellent service and client focus. This proprietary software makes Paragon’s telemarketing campaigns much better value for money and more highly optimised than other solutions throughout the UK.

Paragon is known for its high quality telemarketing services for anyone wanting to get more B2B customers. It offers appointment setting in line with client requirements, lead generation, data enhancing, event attendance, market research, and email marketing services for businesses in any field.

A recent client said: “Having used telemarketing companies before we noticed a difference in how Paragon worked with us. Their overall approach is more geared towards working together and building a long term relationship that benefits our individual needs.”

Full details of the services provided can be found on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

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