Portland OR Unified Commerce Solutions Custom Software For Retailers Announced

A Portland-based technology firm has introduced a series of solutions based on unified commerce designed to improve a company’s bottom line through innovations in customer experience.

A technology firm in Portland has launched its unified commerce service designed for retail companies who want to grow amid changing customer preferences.

More information is available at https://www.sparqworldwide.com

Sparq Worldwide aims to help businesses in the retail sector increase their customer base and revenue through a series of unified commerce solutions designed to improve the overall customer experience.

According to Sparq Worldwide, its unified commerce strategy allows companies to optimize their existing capabilities to grow their market share and sales. Moreover, it adds a growth strategy to each solution, which can help clients adapt to new advancements in e-commerce.

Its unified commerce strategy is grounded on culture, where it aims to build a customer-first culture first before progressing with the technical aspects of the implementation.

The company’s culture transformation service involves working with the client to build the company’s DNA and customer ecosystem. This involves designing, prototyping, and building experiences to create a cultural transformation within the organization.

Sparq Worldwide also provides intelligent automation solutions to retail companies to improve productivity and simplify processes. This service involves automating certain repetitive tasks, so employees can focus on more important activities like providing service to customers.

Moreover, the company can develop custom software for its clients. It stated that this service is ideal for those looking for capabilities not offered by SAAS providers and packaged software.

It can also provide business design services, where it provides a new perspective to a company by helping it build a new product or service.

Unified commerce refers to a system that allows a company to handle all its sales from a brick-and-mortar store and online with only one software and backend. A unified commerce system can combine the capabilities of several platforms that typically function independently, such as a point of sale or an inventory management system.

Boston Retail Partners’s 2019 Unified Commerce Survey reported that 86% of customers said they were interested in “a personalized and consistent” experience in all retail channels. Moreover, the group found that 82% of consumers have shopped online or through mobile before going to the store to make a purchase, which makes the ability to easily move between channels “important”.

Full details about the company’s unified commerce approach and services can be found at the URL above.

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