Portland OR Creative Project Management – Expert Consultant Service Launched

A new project management consulting and optimization service has been launched by Alexis Mercedes. She helps to reduce risk, minimize disruption and get better results for clients.

A new project management consulting service for creative workflows has been launched by Alexis Mercedes. She provides expert strategy advice and workflow optimization for creative teams wanting specialist project management solutions.

For more information please visit the website here: https://alexismercedes.com/consultations

The newly launched freelance project management service includes consultation and training to optimize and hone each idea in the most effective way.

Alexis is a multi-racial Portland native who works as a certified project management professional (PMP). She produces projects that she believes are important to the earth’s longevity, and helps others who want to focus on this area too.

Previous projects have included her work as Project Director of Stories to Change the World, Project Manager of Fractal Labs, and working on community outreach and web design for Food Museum.

Interested parties can get in touch for an initial 20-minute consultation. This is a chance to see whether she is the right PMP to take their project forward. Potential clients can discuss their goals and get clearer idea of how Alexis can help.

During the consultation, clients can test the feasibility of their project ideas, and learn how to scale them. Alexis can also help to estimate time and cost in order to achieve the client’s goals within budget.

She will use her experience and project management skills to train clients and their team on specific project management knowledge. This includes schedule management, scope management, and guidance on cost, communications, and risk reduction.

Clients can also rely on Alexis Mercedes to audit their current project management systems. She knows how to ensure optimal efficiency and provide a clear route forward for clients to achieve success.

Alexis will use lessons learned from her wide-ranging experience and apply them to clients’ business ventures moving forward. This helps to reduce conflict, avoid mistakes, and ensure the highest quality results.

She states: “Let’s have a conversation to see if this PMP is the right resource for you. Request a 20 minute Exploration Call.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit: https://alexismercedes.com/consultations

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