Portland OR Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grappling Classes For Self Defense MMA Launched

A second-degree BJJ black belt has introduced grappling classes in Portland for students who want to learn self-defense and be fit through one of the world’s fastest-growing martial art.

A Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) black belt and longtime martial artist has offered BJJ classes in Portland for children and adults who want to learn self-defense or compete in sports grappling.

More information is available at https://nwfighting.com/combat-martial-arts/brazilian-jiu-jitsu

Professor Jeff Patterson, a second-degree black belt under eight-degree coral belt Rigan Machado, teaches the martial art at his training center, Northwest Fighting Arts (NWFA). Interested enrollees who want to try a class may claim a free 30-day trial program and a private lesson by signing up on NWFA’s website.

Each BJJ class consists of warm-ups, technique instruction, and free sparring. Warm-ups typically consist of grappling-specific exercises, such as shrimps, bridges, and ukemi (break-falls), in addition to wrestling drills like sprawls and sit-outs.

According to Prof. Patterson, these exercises are useful in warming up the body in preparation for training and are essential in building a foundation for more complex grappling techniques.

A technique demonstration follows the warm-up session. This part of the training is where the professor or an instructor with a colored belt shows a technique that students can practice with a partner.

Each BJJ position or pin has numerous techniques and variations. BJJ students typically learn through repetition, where they “drill” a technique over and over again to make it an instinctive movement during sparring sessions.

The last part of training is sparring or the “roll”, which is based on the concept of randori or freestyle practice in judo. This part is where students are allowed to practice the move they had learned against a resisting training partner.

Safety is maintained during sparring by “tapping out” when caught in a tight submission to end a round.

Prof. Patterson stated that BJJ can be practiced to stay fit, to acquire self-defense skills, to relieve stress, to teach values like humility and patience, and to develop new friendships with training partners. More information on the benefits of training can be found at https://nwfighting.com/take-action-today-to-increase-self-motivation

BJJ can also be a pathway to a new sport as BJJ is a popular “base” or foundational martial art for mixed martial arts (MMA).

The art grew in popularity in the United States after the events of UFC 1, when Royce Gracie, the son of BJJ patriarch Helio Gracie, won the inaugural event. The art has been a mainstay in the sports of MMA, where it is practiced along with boxing, muay thai, and wrestling to create a well-rounded fighter.

Full details about BJJ and other martial arts offerings can be found at https://www.facebook.com/NWfighting or at the URL above.

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