Portland Digital Advertising Local Business Google Ranking Service Launched

A digital marketing and advertising agency in Portland just launched a service that aims to bring digital visibility to local businesses and help them get more patients, customers, or clients.

Specializing in innovative digital marketing techniques, Senses Media launches a unique service aimed at helping local businesses get targeted leads online. From their headquarters in Portland, Oregon, the agency can cater to the requirements of businesses within and outside the city.

More information can be found at https://www.senses-media.com.

The newly launched service leverages the agency’s established connections with major high-authority sites to bring significant exposure to their clients’ websites. The end goal is to allow the brands to secure new patients, customers, or clients, depending on the nature of their businesses.

One way the agency achieves this is by producing content pieces that highlight the best qualities of the brands and their business offerings. Given the pandemic, the digital marketers can also be relied upon to craft multimedia assets that center on the brands’ response to the health crisis.

Instead of relying on text-based content alone, as many digital marketing services do, the agency utilizes a multi-format strategy for maximum impact. Aside from news and blog articles, they also create podcasts, slideshows, PDFs, and videos.

The content variety provides a means for the agency to promote their clients’ brands on a wider array of media sites. Overall, they are able to distribute content on more than 400 high-traffic websites, including well-recognized news outlets, relevant blogs, financial sites, and multimedia streaming services.

By posting content on these popular websites, Senses Media works on delivering the much-needed brand mentions to promote their clients’ businesses. Exposure on these websites is also known to contribute toward boosting rankings on search engines like Google.

For businesses that are offering their services in specific neighborhoods, cities, or regions, the service is designed to be particularly useful in bringing brand visibility. By employing a localized approach, it endeavors to enable clients to secure a spot in Google’s map results and benefit from the nearby leads that come with listings.

Interested parties may visit Senses Media’s website to watch the introductory video and request additional details.

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