Portage MI Pharmacy Travel Vaccines – Recommended/Required Immunization Launched

Advanced Health Pharmacy (269 324 1100) in Portage, MI has launched travel vaccine services. The new service helps those traveling outside the US get the specific immunizations needed to stay safe and healthy.

Advanced Health Pharmacy in Portage, Michigan, has launched travel vaccine services in response to growing demand as world travel begins to reopen. They can administer vaccines for yellow fever, Covid-19, and a range of destination-specific illnesses.

More details can be found at https://advancedhealthpharmacymi.com/travel-vaccination

With the launch, the pharmacy helps patients ensure their health and safety while traveling abroad. They enable hassle-free and affordable access to necessary inoculation that will protect their patients from diseases common in their travel destination.

Traveling abroad exposes Americans to certain illnesses that are not normally found in the USA. Thus, the CDC strongly advises getting vaccinated against area-specific diseases to effectively protect one’s health.

Vaccines for travel are normally classified into three categories – routine, required, and recommended. Aside from being up to date on routine vaccines, Americans are advised to discuss their travel plans, medical history, and other health concerns with their physician or pharmacist to determine if additional shots are needed.

Some countries may require visitors to get vaccinated against illnesses such as yellow fever. In other cases, the CDC may recommend a certain vaccine based on the individual’s travel destination. For example, a typhoid shot is often recommended for those visiting East and Southeast Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

Advanced Health Pharmacy provides residents of the Kalamazoo area with a streamlined service. Their staff does the research and handles the entire process from start to finish. There’s no need for the patient to schedule a doctor’s appointment, which eliminates long wait times and high dispensing fees.

The pharmacy also offers Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines, seasonal flu shots, and shingles inoculation. They played a crucial role in vaccinating the Kalamazoo area during the pandemic and successfully inoculated over 2,500 residents in underserved communities.

Advanced Health Pharmacy is locally owned by lead pharmacist Arun Tandon who started the business in 2010. His goal is to provide personal service and care to all his patients. Portage residents can access affordable medication and get complimentary delivery for prescriptions. Prescriptions and supplements may also be packed into med-packs and blister-packs for no extra charge.

According to Arun Tandon, “It’s very important to have the correct vaccines to protect you from destination-specific illnesses. The last thing you want when you travel is to get ill: at best you may ruin your vacation or hinder your work trip and the worst is you could get very ill and even die. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy and we see expanding our vaccination offerings as an important step towards that.”

Interested parties can find out more by visiting https://advancedhealthpharmacymi.com

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