Portable Handheld Exerciser for Fast Workouts Anywhere & Any Time Launched

Emergy, Inc launched an innovative portable exerciser for fitness enthusiasts and busy people who have little time for regular workouts in a gym. Emergy Disc is lightweight but similarly challenging for users of any fitness level.

Emergy, Inc. announced the launch of a sleek new exercise device for fitness enthusiasts and people with little time for a fitness program. The lightweight, portable exerciser allows users to workout anytime and anywhere, helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Emergy Disc Kickstarter campaign launched on February 26 was fully funded within the first 12 hours. For a limited time, Emergy Disc is available at 50% discount on Kickstarter at


Using Emergy Disc at random times throughout a day can be as effective as a couple hours in a gym. Based on space-tech torque resistance methods and adaptive to user’s strength, the handheld Emergy exerciser allows to get in shape while watching TV, working on the computer, or on-the-go.

Because it is so lightweight and compact, the device can be easily carried in a computer bag, a purse or a backpack and utilized on any short break. With the first portable torque-resistant device, people can do the same exercises they usually do in a gym, but anywhere and at any time.

“It took our team of scientists and engineers several years to develop Emergy Disc,” says Natalie Melomed, a co-founder of Emergy, Inc. “With Emergy you are working out against your own force. It’s like juggling 20-pound dumbbell, without carrying all that useless iron”

NASA-inspired torque resistance technology and optimal-efficiency electrical acupressure proven to strengthen core muscles and improve blood circulation, and they are suitable and similarly challenging for a fitness user of any level. Emergy takes all the benefits of traditional training exercises and adds rotation and dynamic tension to challenge the user’s balance and core.

The exerciser also comes with an interactive e-connect system and a user-friendly app. The Emergy app allows users to find exactly how strong of a torque they have been building up, so that they can track progress over time.

With the latest innovation, Emergy, Inc. aims to help people spend less time in crowded gyms and have more time to do what they love, without giving up a healthy lifestyle. Their new device is now available at deeply discounted prices on Kickstarter:


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