Portable Ear Wax Cleaning Kit – USB Endoscope With Camera/Light Device Updated

With healthcare services still under pressure from the ongoing pandemic, more Canadians are seeking self-administered treatments for a range of medical issues. In light of this, a Toronto, ON-based audiological accessory brand announces an updated version of its flagship ear wax removal device.

Polished Ear’s latest launch offers customers a portable ear-cleaning endoscope tool and a range of ear-cleaning accessories. The removal kit provides a safe, simple, USB-powered alternative to Q-tips and HD camera functionality for visibility on the inner ear canal.

More details can be found at https://polishedear.com/products/ear-wax-removal-kit

The announcement details a range of benefits for Polished Ear kit users. Excessive amounts of ear wax can lead to a range of unpleasant side effects and more serious conditions such as tinnitus. The powered endoscope helps customers manage the build-up of wax from the comfort of home rather than having to make an appointment with a GP.

According to WebMD, earwax is produced by glands located within the ear canal. It acts as a protective layer on the inner tubes of the ear, picking up debris and dust that may otherwise damage the delicate and sensitive eardrum. The shape of one’s ear canal determines how easy it is for this wax to fall out naturally. When wax cannot escape from the ear it becomes compacted, leading to hearing issues, dizziness, or pain.

In addition to the HD endoscope, the Polished Ear earwax removal kit comes with 2 ear spoons – suitable for all ear types including both children and adults. Cotton swab sticks are also included for removing any small pieces left on the visible areas of the ear after using the device.

Customers also receive 5 protective sleeves, specially designed to protect against injury when using the endoscope. A built-in flashlight makes improves visibility. In addition, the kit ships with four ear picks and four ear sticks, a portable carrying case, and a cleaning cloth. The USB charging cable is compatible with both PCs and Apple devices.

About Polished Ear

The company specializes in making advanced health technology affordable and accessible for its growing customer base. The Polished Ear team is dedicated to helping people maintain optimal audiological health through cleverly designed and user-friendly tools. Learn more at https://www.instagram.com/polishedear

A spokesperson says, “Polished Ear is committed to providing the best customer experience in the ear cleaning space with our best products. Our at-home ear cleaning solution has featured on WebMD, Mayo Clinic, Buzzfeed, Healthline, and MedlinePlus.”

With its latest product updates and expanded cleaning kit launch, Polished Ear continues to set the bar for innovation in audiological hygiene.

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