Portable Diesel Generator & First Aid Kit Ease Hurricane Irma & Jose Survival

Stay one step ahead by preparing a hurricane survival kit, items such as a first aid kit, waterproof clothing and a portable diesel generator will help not just supply warmth and power but help make the whole time less stressful.

When disaster hits it’s much harder to get everything that is needed during or after an event, that’s why its always best to prepare some key items before hand. Then if an emergency occurs all the supplies needed to survive for a short period of time are close to hand.

First Aid Kits, Water Filters and Portable Diesel Generators can make all the difference, not only during a hurricane or flood but after, in extreme cases tents and and other outdoor camping equipment can be the difference between sleeping rough and a warm nights sleep.

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Preparing for such events should be a priority of everyone, as trying to get these supplies with little or no warning can be extremely difficult.

Items such as medical supplies/first aid kits, imperishable food and energy bars, warm and waterproof clothing, backpacks, water purifiers and a torch are just some of the key items to consider packing into a survival kit. It is also worth considering the aftermath, when extreme weather hits, areas can be without power for weeks, in such cases a portable generator and camping equipment can really ease the stress in such situations especially for families.

Unfortunately in a lot of urban areas people don’t consider these sorts of supplies that are generally more common in rural areas. This is one of the reasons urban areas suffer so much during these extreme cases such as floods and hurricanes.

it’s advised if possible and when in the position to do so, prepare as much as possible, lifting the burden off of local responders to help deal with people in greater need.

A kit should be able to cover the basic needs for four individuals for up to 72 hours, this includes everything from food and water, to first aid and insect repellent.

A variety of multi-purpose tools, including a multifunctional pocket knife, squeeze flashlights, light sticks, sleeping bags, working gloves, nylon ropes and various others should also be considered.

According to a spokesperson for T0p100.com “We know people like to think it wont happen in their area, however if you plan ahead, it will help you, your family and even other people in your area a great deal if you are prepared. Try not to leave it to someone else and take action.”

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