Port Macquarie NSW Real Estate Investment Strategy Session Masterclass Launched

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David C. Gray of Port Macquarie, NSW launches a property investment strategy session that aims to help people create wealth by taking advantage of the area’s strong real estate market.

Port Macquarie, NSW-based property expert David C. Gray announces the launch of a new strategy session designed for real estate investors. It aims to help participants build wealth by teaching them how to find the right property, as well as how to market and sell them effectively.

More information about David C. Gray is available via https://davidcgray.com.au

This new class was launched to help people take advantage of the strong demand for real estate brought about by the current pandemic. As per industry projections, the NSW property market is projected to grow by 8% to 12% in 2021.

Gray explains that this seemingly counterintuitive trend is a result of once-in-a-decade market factors that are spurring growth. Chief among these are the near-record-low mortgage rates and people’s desire to move out of urban metropolises into less congested areas.

The strategy session will be delivered remotely, with Gray facilitating the classes. This ensures that participants will get the opportunity to ask questions and seek insights from Gray himself.

Participants will learn all aspects of property investment, including the types of real estate available, prospecting properties, and leverage. They will also be taught concepts such as financial modelling, profitability analysis, and property marketing.

Gray draws from over 20 years of real estate expertise, including first-hand property investment experience. All lessons and concepts will be delivered in such as a manner that they will be easy to absorb by even beginners.

He says that property investments remain one of the most stable assets, as proven by the real estate market’s growth despite a global downturn. Furthermore, he expects property prices to rise even more as the economy recovers from challenges brought about by the pandemic.

David C. Gray is a leading property expert in NSW who is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and thought leader. National outlets such as The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, and Domain.com have all tapped him as a resource person.

Gray says: “There’s never been a better time to invest in NSW’s robust real estate market. But if you don’t know where to start or want to refine your existing investment strategy, my wealth creation course is right for you.”

Further information about David C. Gray and his services are available through the URL above.

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