Port Harcourt Google Ranking Marketing Expert Facebook YouTube Course Launched

A new online digital marketing and SEO course has launched, called Yomi Digital Marketing. it offers people the chance to grow their skills and take their marketing campaign to new heights.

A new site has launched offering expert digital marketing courses for improving SEO skills, YouTube marketing, Facebook and Twitter, email marketing, copywriting, Google AdWords and more. Called Yomi Digital Marketing, it provides participants with all the skills they need to develop a stronger web presence.

More information can be found at: https://abayomioloyede.com

The site explains that Yomi Digital Marketing allows people to learn by doing with project based learning opportunities. Participants will complete 12 projects inside the course to grow their website from scratch across multiple marketing channels.

Already the course is attracting glowing five star reviews, and it offers a range of benefits for those taking it. One aspect of the course focuses on developing a strong marketing plan, developing a buyer persona, setting SMART goals, and more.

Market research modules are also covered, showing students how to engage with their audience with an online survey. It teaches people to analyze the feedback provided before they begin marketing.

Other modules include WordPress, with information on how to start an engaging WordPress site from scratch, and Copywriting. With this last element, participants will learn how to structure their sales copy to maximize conversion.

In addition to this, course participants will learn how to publish a perfectly SEO optimized piece of content on any their platforms. This, in turn, will allow their site to rank more effectively and give them chance to bring in more leads and sales.

Digital marketing and SEO is more important now than ever before. Businesses need to find new ways to stand out and generate attention, while also ensuring their products and services reach their intended audience.

However, many site owners don’t know how to effectively harness SEO and digital marketing to build a better web presence. This is where the new course can help, with expert guidance on every element.

Full details can be found on the URL above.

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