Port Coquitlam Company uses New Vacuum Truck For Sump & Catch Basin Cleaning

Most home owners do not realize a property could have a sump pump and it should be serviced to prevent flooding. The frequency of service depends on the amount of rain and even soil conditions.

CrackMaster Concrete has expanded the “Keep Foundations Dry” service to provide sump cleaning and catch basin cleaning with the aid of a new vacuum truck. The new vacuum truck is a welcome tool to help keep basements dry by providing Port Coquitlam catch basin and sump cleaning services.

Homeowners are always mindful about keeping their home foundations dry because they understand the cost, inconvenience and the risk of damage to homes and personal assets. CrackMaster Concrete has purchased a new vacuum truck that is the perfect size to address the issue of plugged sumps and catch basins. The vacuum truck also acts as a great excavating tool as it can be used in tight areas such as the narrow gap between houses.

Most people know “CrackMaster Concrete” as leaders in foundation crack repair and masters in keeping basements dry. What most people don’t realize that a sump system that manages the water from the house to the city water system has to be maintained and kept free of sludge and debris. If it is not maintained it is possible to come home to a nasty water flood even when the foundation is free of normal foundation cracks.

The services of CrackMaster Concrete Lower Mainland have become more complete with the purchase of a new vacuum truck and it is the perfect size for servicing residential homes. This new Vacuum Truck allows CrackMaster Concrete the ability to completely service any type of foundation wet basement repair Port Coquitlam water problem quickly and at an affordable price.

Many times a part of the drainage problem will stem from a plugged sump or catch basin that is in need of cleaning and removing the sludge at the bottom of the sump. Interesting enough Most home owners have no idea there is a sump on the property. Once the sump becomes plugged and the basement floods the importance of cleaning it becomes more apparent. Watch the videos on the website and see why a sump can be plugged by a tree root.

The sump cleaning service was introduced because CrackMaster Concrete was continually called to find the source of water ingress in homes that had flooded basements and in many cases the cause of the water ingress was a plugged sump. As mentioned very few home owners realize that they have a sump system that should be serviced on a regular bases or from time to time depending on their area and the amount of rain fall and soil conditions.

Homeowners are just starting to learn the importance of having the sump or catch basin cleaned and now it can be done by a professional foundation repair company at an affordable rate.

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