Popularity Of Gerberas Confirmed By Australian Online Florist

Fresh Flowers, leading Australian online florist, in an exclusive interview with Melbourne’s Transmedia Victoria confirmed that their customers are following a trend in the popularity of gerberas highlighted recently by Vogue.

Kesey Palethorpe of Fresh Flowers, in an interview with Melbourne based Transmedia Victoria said, “Like the growing trend in the popularity of orange flowers that we reported on last month, we have also noticed an increase in popularity of gerberas being requested to be included or featured in floral gifts being ordered. This is in line with similar comments made by Vogue, in an article they published last month highlighting the resurgence in popularity of this flower. “

Fresh flowers, in an earlier interview with Transmedia Victoria reported that orange is growing in demand as a year-round flower colour that people are asking for. The international Floral Daily news website has reported that over the years, in the US, the importance of the orange colour in flowers has increased, this is especially true for the retail market. The colour has gained in importance and industry sources there say that in roses, red accounts for 40 percent of sales and the remaining 60 percent consists of remaining colours, of which 15 percent is orange and this percentage is growing

Transmedia Victoria research found Americans, especially from June until Thanksgiving when it reaches its peak, orange is in high retail demand. The US public change colours according to the season and over the last three years, growers have been switching to a greater proportion of orange flowers as the colour is becoming of greater importance and expected to become even more in demand year-round than seasonal as it is now.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Executive VP at GR Chia S.A.S. in his recent interview with Floral Daily on the growing demand for orange coloured flowers said, “For our chrysanthemums for example, we are now also seeing a year-round demand, usually this was only grown during the fall season. And we expect the same will happen for the other flower crops.”

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