Popular Teddy Shake Gel Pen Set Has New Website In Development

A new website is in development for the popular Teddy Shake 105-piece gel pen set.

Teddy Shake made an announcement this week that a new website is in development for their best-selling 105-piece gel pen set. Company spokesperson Bailey Anderson issued a statement concerning the upcoming website.

“Since we launched our gel pen set just three months ago, we have received some amazing response from customers,” said Anderson. “Until this point, we have not built a website for the gel pens; we had relied on our Amazon.com listing alone. As customers have shared their feedback, stories and even photos of artwork they have created using our gel pens, we have decided the time has come to implement a product website. Our hope is that within this site, customers can share how they use the Teddy Shake gel pens, along with their photos, reviews, and stories.”

Since the Teddy Shake gel pens contain 60% more ink than other gel pens, they last significantly longer, allowing more time for creative use. The Teddy Shake pens are also designed with a special, high-quality tip that enables a smooth, steady flow of ink, which can prevent the standard skipping, leaking or bleeding that is typically associated with gel pens. Since the ink in the Teddy Shake gel pen set is non-toxic, acid-free and lead-free, the pens are both safe for use in archival documents and scrapbooks as well as for use by children.

Currently priced at $24.99, a 40% discount off the full retail price, the Teddy Shake gel pen set is available for purchase only on Amazon.com.

About Teddy Shake: “Desiring to make the world a more colorful and creative place, we at Teddy Shake work every day to ensure you have the best gel pens sets on Earth. With hundreds of colors and various tones, we put our gel pens through massive Research and Development tests to make sure your creative flow never stops and your creations are always perfect.”

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