Popular Inflatable Flaming Float By Teddy Shake Now Out Of Stock

Teddy Shake announced today that their best selling inflatable flamingo float is currently out of stock.

Although the Teddy Shake 80-inch inflatable flaming float was just launched in September, it has had a fantastic response from customers and is currently out of stock and the best selling inflatable flaming on Amazon.com.

“We make aggressive sales projections for the float before the launch,” said Teddy Shake spokesperson Bailey Anderson. “To say we were surprised at the customer response is an understatement. We have focused full efforts on increasing the supply of the flamingo floatie, and will do our best to have it back in stock on Amazon in plenty of time for the holidays.”

To date over 260 customers have left reviews for the Teddy Shake flamingo float on the Amazon.com listing. Of those reviews, 100% of customers state they like their Teddy Shake flamingo float, with 94% of customers stating that they love it. One five-star reviewer wrote, “It’s a HUGE float, and it’s awesome! I got this for my mom since she has a pool in her backyard, and it’s epic! It’s a HUGE float and is awesome. All the kids fight over who can ride on it, and honestly two can fit at once. Next year we will probably get a second one because everyone likes this one so much. I can’t wait to use it next year at the beach too.”

Teddy Shake’s flamingo inflatable is custom designed and made of a durable vinyl that is long lasting – the float can stay fully inflated for days. It contains multiple valves so several people can work on inflating the float at the same time. The two heavy duty handles that are on the neck of the float help people get on the float or stay on the float while riding.

Sold exclusively on Amazon.com, it is expected that the Teddy Shake inflatable flamingo float will be back in stock and for sale again by the end of the week. The float is currently priced at $39.99, and free shipping is available on all purchases over $49.

About Teddy Shake: “As relaxing as a Bahama breeze; Teddy Shake makes the world’s most relaxing, fun, and quirky pool floats for you and your family. With constant R&D and innovative thinkers working to make the most incredibly pool floats and toys possible, we want nothing more than for you to have the time of your life.”

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