Popular Gel Pens Set By Teddy Shake Sold For Best Price On Amazon.com

Teddy Shake announced that their popular 105-piece gel pens set is sold for the best price on Amazon.com, the exclusive selling partner for the gel pens.

Teddy Shake wants to make the world a more colorful place and has created a high-quality set of gel pens to do it with. The Teddy Shake 105-piece gel pens set was first released on Amazon.com almost three months ago. Since that time, the pens have become a favorite of customers young and old. Today, Teddy Shake spokesperson issued a statement to assure customers that their gel pens sold on Amazon.com, are sold for the best price possible.

“When we decided to make a set of gel pens, we didn’t want a cheap pen that would skip when you are writing with it and run out of ink after a few uses,” said Anderson. “We wanted to make sure our gel pens were the best gel pens possible. Part of being the best is having the best price possible for our product. We have made sure that our gel pens set are the best price available.”

The Teddy Shake gel pen set comes with 105 pens and features neon, metallic, rainbow, glitter and milky color styles. The pens contain 60% more ink than standard gel pens. The specially designed writing tip provides a smooth flow of ink that does not skip, smudge or smear when writing. The gel pens are perfect for use in adult coloring books, journals, scrapbooks, writing or art projects or just plain doodling.

In addition to being high quality and the best price, the Teddy Shake gel pens are non-toxic, lead-free and acid-free, making them safe for use by children, and safe for the environment.

The Teddy Shake gel pens set is currently priced at $24.99, which is less than three cents per pen. Free shipping is provided on all Amazon.com order of $49 or more.

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