Popular Gel Pens By Teddy Shake Receive A New Five-Star Review

Teddy Shake announced today that their best-selling gel pen set received a new five-star review.

Since the release just a few weeks ago, the 105-piece Teddy Shake gel pen set has continued to increase in popularity. This week they received another five-star review from a satisfied customer.

“When you launch a new product, you never know what the consumer reaction will be,” said Teddy Shake spokesperson Bailey Anderson. “You do all the research, come up with the best ideas for the most impressive product you can think of, but if customers do not like it, it’s a failure. We have loved to see the sales of our gel pen set increase over the past weeks, but when a customer takes the time to write a positive, five-star review – then you know that you have made an impression on them.”

A variety of colors, such as milky, neon, metallic and rainbow 123 are included in the Teddy Shake gel pen set. The pens are filled with 60% more ink than the average gel pen, which means they will last quite a bit longer. The ink used in the gel pens is acid-free, lead-free and safe for use by children.

In the five-star review, the satisfied customer wrote “The quality of this gel pens set that was described is so good that I was skeptical when I got it… But this gel pen set absolutely exceeded my expectation by leaps by bounds! I started using these gel pens for adult coloring books that I got as a birthday present months ago, and I use them all the time. Believe it or not, they’re still FULL of ink! This company isn’t kidding when they say their gel pens have 60% more ink. Just to add to how great these gel pens are, the colors are literally better than described. The milky gel pens are creamy and rich while the neon gel pens are so intense they stand out like real neon lights! All in all, this is definitely the best gel pen set I’ve ever owned (and I’ve gone through a few… As an artist, I can also say that they’re hands down the best gel pens for the money. Crazy Value!”

The Teddy Shake gel pens are sold only on Amazon.com. Free shipping is available on any order of $49 or more.

About Teddy Shake: “Desiring to make the world a more colorful and creative place, we at Teddy Shake work every day to ensure you have the best gel pens sets on Earth. With hundreds of colors and various tones, we put our gel pens through massive Research and Development tests to make sure your creative flow never stops and your creations are always perfect.”

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