Poor UK Mobile Phone Recycling Rate Revealed in IPPTS WastersBlog Infographic

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IPPTS Associates's latest infographic image uses engaging graphics and rarely publicized facts about the dangers to the environment if mobile phone recycling rates don't improve, and also indicates how to simple it is to recycle the old phone, and make some cash as well.

As part of their ongoing efforts to provide the best information on waste and resource management, IPPTS Associates has published a new fact filled infographic image. It is an engaging infographic to raise awareness of the importance to the health of our environment of good practise in mobile phone recycling, and it also indicates how easy it is to recycle an old phone, by selling it to a responsible phone recycling company. It is available on their WastersBlog.Com website, which was first published in 2000, and promotes sustainable waste and resource management through its regular posts, and the article emails sent to its over 700 subscribers.

The stylish informational image, sheds light on the most important aspects of mobile phone recycling, and the importance of sustainable mobile phone waste disposal to protect the environment from the escape into the environment of the toxic substances used in mobile devices.  It is assumed that once the reader has appreciated the gravity of this matter they will also be interested in the brief suggestion made to help them recycle any old phone they may have themselves. The infographic is intended to be read by anyone interested in the health of their local environment, who owns a smartphone or tablet computer.

Interested individuals can view the full article at www.wastersblog.com/uk-mobile-phone-recycling

One of the most surprising pieces of information in the article is the fact that only 11% of UK phone owners recycle them and the rest just throw them in the bin.

In discussing the thought behind creation of the new infographic, Steve Symes, Marketing Manager of IPPTS Associates said,

“With general recycling levels for household waste now in the region of 40% UK wide, we thought that it was strange, and in fact very disappointing that only 11% of mobile devices are currently being recycled in the most efficient manner by selling them on to expert recycling companies. No doubt a proportion of the mobile phones that are thrown into residual waste bins by people, are removed from the waste stream subsequently, and treated as e-waste. They won’t then go to landfill, but this means that less of the material in each phone can be recycled and the process is much less efficient. Less efficiency also means less environmentally friendly.”

“Much more needs to be done to raise awareness of the danger of pollution caused by electronic devices when they are not recycled, and as a result being disposed to landfills. Eventually, the contaminants in phones may leak out into water supplies, even from the best managed landfills. So, there is a real need for the public to be much more active in phone recycling, in our view. That’s why we teamed up with phone recycling experts OnRecycle to make and publicize the pressing need for improvement in this area.”

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