Pool Fence Manufacturer Allsafe In Los Angeles Prevent Children From Drowning

Pool Fences, experts agree, are one of the #1 ways to prevent unintentional drownings. With 20 years of experience, trained installers, 5-star ratings; All-Safe Pool Fence is number one choice in Los Angeles.?

Pool Fence, experts in Los Angeles agree, Allsafe pool fence is the #1 way to prevent unintentional drownings. Every day, according to the Center for Disease Control, 10 drowning deaths occur as a direct result of ineffective pool safety. Even worse children account for 76% of these deaths, which could have potentially been prevented with pool fences like those sold by retailers such as All-Safe Pool Fence Los Angeles Covers http://www.allsafepool.com.

All-Safe Pool Fence of LA’s poles are made of aircraft grade aluminum and the mesh is extremely strong and virtually untearable. Layers of protection must be in place to prevent a child’s unsupervised access to the pool or alert adults to a child’s presence. The fence tension is what prevents kids from being able to remove the mesh pool fence themselves. Pool fencing is very difficult for children to climb because there is nothing for them to put their feet on to support them over the fence. All-Safe Pool Fences of Los Angeles include a self-closing, self-latching, lockable pool gate for added convenience and safety. The utilization of non weight bearing materials drastically reduce a child’s ability to access a pool unsupervised. Iron pool fences are universally known to be more sturdy but with the options of Automatic, leaf, event, removable, Safety Net and Mesh, Pool Fences all are strong, safe and secure.

No pool fence system is complete without a pool alarm. All-Safe Pool Fence Los Angeles is accepted by most foster care, child adoption, and social services for pool safety in a home where a child is being placed. By integrating an All-Safe Pool Fence in Los Angeles, parents are preventing their children from unintentional drownings. It only takes 20 to 60 seconds for a child to drown to death. If a child were to be unsupervised, there is no chance of them falling into the pool, thanks to All-Safe Pool Fences. With 20 years of experience, trained installers, 5-star ratings; All-Safe Pool Fence is number one choice in Los Angeles.

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