Pontiac MI Mortgage Broker Debt Reduction 2022 Financial Strategy Video Released

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Financial Optimization Specialist and licensed loan officer, Trevor Sines, contacted on 248-674-6450, has released a video to inform homeowners about early mortgage repayments and refinancing as a financial strategy to reduce debt.

Michigan Mortgage Solutions have released the informative 13-minute video in which financial optimization specialist Trevor Sines informs homeowners how to pay off their mortgage and other home finance within 15 years, without adversely affecting their lifestyle or adjusting the family budget.

The newly released video can be found at: https://homenowmichigan.com/financial-optimization-lp

The video describes in detail the unique 5-step method to pay off all debt, including mortgages. Trevor Sines will clearly explain how many American families have used his method to reduce the interest paid on their loan, shorten their mortgage term by 15 to 20 years. He also outlines a safe financial optimization strategy to build extra wealth to fund retirement through 2022 and beyond.

In addition to shortening the mortgage term, property owners can use these savings to build a financial safety net or on home improvements.

Trevor Sines is an expert in purchase loans and works on quick pre-approvals so potential buyers can start the search for their perfect home immediately. He also specializes in finding the right refinancing options for property owners to reorganize their finances, reduce their monthly payments, and shorten the term of their mortgage.

Additional services offered by Michigan Mortgage Solutions also include mortgage quotations, a mortgage calculator, home value estimates, and online loan application support.

Michigan Mortgage Solutions is a licensed mortgage broker (NMLS #136972) based in Pontiac, Michigan. The company offers home financing services across the entire state and is led by financial optimization specialist Trevor Sines (NMLS # 1604514). The Michigan Mortgage Solutions team of experts has over 30 years of experience in mortgage lending, real estate, debt elimination, and refinancing.

A satisfied customer has said: “Trevor and his team were awesome. They were responsive and professional. It was a fantastic experience refinancing the house. They were able to offer multiple opinions to choose the term and rate that best fit the current situation.”

More details about Trevor Sines and his company Michigan Mortgage Solutions can be found here: https://michiganmortgagesolutions.com

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