Pontiac MI Auto Repair Shop Brake Pad Replacement Service Launched

A new brake pad replacement check and safety inspection has been launched by McNeal Automotive. It helps to ensure that drivers in the Pontiac, Michigan area have safe, reliable vehicles when they’re on the road.

McNeal Automotive has launched a new brake repair and maintenance offer for local customers in Pontiac, Michigan. The local auto repair shop prides itself on high quality service, and provides brake repair, quality mechanic services, break pad replacement and more.

More information can be found at: http://mcnealautomotive.com/

The new service launch from McNeal Automotive helps to ensure that customers can keep their vehicle driving smoothly. The team of ASE certified experts are on standby to inspect customers’ brakes, steering and suspension.

With the new offer, customers can get in touch for a free inspection to ensure their vehicle is in good, safe shape. The goal of the offer is to allow customers to experience the 5-star auto repair service that the company is renowned for, with the vision of winning their future business.

When it comes to auto repair and maintenance, customers want to get in touch with a good local car mechanic that they can trust. McNeal Automotive has developed a reputation for high quality service, and has numerous 5-star reviews to back up up their services.

The team at McNeal Automotive knows that having issues with brakes can be a stressful experience. For this reason, they always aim to provide seamless, stress-free repairs and maintenance.

The first priority with McNeal Automotive is to keep the car in high quality conditions, because they want to avoid customers having to go through expensive repairs. But when something does go wrong with the vehicle, the team is always on hand to ensure it gets back up and running quickly.

McNeal Automotive states that servicing brakes is critical to keeping both the driver and their family safe. The new safety inspection offer helps to ensure that customers’ vehicles are running in good, safe condition.

The company states: “Your brakes never seem like a problem until it’s too late. Over 20% of accidents caused by mechanical failure are due to faulty brakes. That’s second only to tires. And unlike tires, you can’t easily check brake wear on your own.”

They add: “We’re brake experts. We’ll make sure your pads, shoes, rotors, calipers and hydraulic system are all in good shape before you find out the hard way.”

Full details of the offer and other services provided by McNeal Automotive can be found on the URL above. Additional information is available at: https://youtube.com/watch?v=WapaDztbzM0

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