Pompano Beach Roofing Experts See Demand For Tile Roofing Despite Shortages

Pompano Beach Roofing Experts have seen a large increase in demand for tile roofing. This is due to an influx of new homeowners to Florida and shortages in the supply chain.

With summer nearing an end for most of the country, it is still the thick of hurricane season for Floridians. There are still months left of daily rain and the ever-looming threat of a hurricane coming through. With just weeks ago, Hurricane Ida is laying devastation to Louisiana. With the rain comes the leaks in the roofing industry, and following the leaks are non-stop phone calls from homeowners looking for help. The Pompano Beach Roofing Experts are seeing significant demand for homeowners to replace their asphalt roofs with tile roofing.

The problem however is that currently there are shortages throughout the roofing industry for many key materials, such as tile. The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns halted production, however, demand began skyrocketing in places like Florida where tile roofing is so prevalent.

Jonathan, a representative of Pompano Beach Roofing Experts, said this, “Tile roofing has been popular in southern Florida for decades now, that’s nothing new. What is new is the influx of people moving to the state. Many of these new Floridians want the best possible roof overhead, one that combines great looks with durability and down here that’s tile. The problem is the shortages in the roofing industry, the supply chain underwent a major disruption during much of 2020, and in 2021 getting people to come back to work in the manufacturing factories has added another layer to this problem. So with such high demand and little supply many homeowners have to wait months before the roof can be replaced. Even upon hearing this, many homeowners opt for a tile roof! They are that superior to an asphalt roof.”

Nonetheless, it appears new Florida homeowners prefer tile roofing; with so many benefits to tile roofing over shingles it’s not very hard to see why. Tile roofs look far better, last far longer, have superior strength vs hurricanes, increase home value and reduce monthly power bills.

For homeowners living in the Pompano Beach area needing a new tile roof replacement or installation, visit this page https://www.pompanobeachroofingexperts.com/roof-replacement/tile for more information.

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