Politics Aside, Everyone Seems to Agree on Boos Butcher Blocks

Staff at Donald Trump’s Jupiter, FL golf club showcased a second famous American brand during the candidate’s Tuesday new conference: Boos Blocks from John Boos & Co.

In her Wednesday news story, Associated Press writer Jill Colvin reported on Donald Trump’s Tuesday news conference held at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. As Colvin reported, “The front-runner for the GOP nomination wanted to celebrate his skill selling things to eat and drink, among other things, defending business ventures that have increasingly come under attack in ads and in debates. Before Trump’s arrival…club staff set up displays of Trump-branded products on either side of his podium. There were bottles of Trump red, white and rose wine, cases of Trump water and two John Boos butcher blocks heaping with stacks of giant, well-marbled Trump Steaks.”

The story garnered considerable media attention, but what was lost on most readers and viewers of the story, other than food service professionals and “foodies,” was that staff at Trump’s club saw fit to prominently display his steaks atop a “Boos Block” – another well-recognized American brand name – giving Illinois-based John Boos & Co. valuable media exposure. Pleased by the attention, Boos’ VP of Sales & Marketing, Ted Gravenhorst Jr., said the company wasn’t consulted or involved, but nor was anyone at Boos surprised. “Boos Blocks are extremely popular within the food service industry,” he explained. “In fact, one would find John Boos products in most fine restaurants. Not having the opportunity to visit the Jupiter club it appears to be the type of high-end establishment that would favor Boos products.

Boos also benefits from frequent exposure of their products on cooking shows that air on the Food Network and Cooking Channel.

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