Political vs Brand: LA PR Promoter Reputation Management Consultant Lower Prices

Worldwide Los Angeles politician digital brands promoter reputation and influencer campaign Manager Chemeria Consultant Agency compares 2021 niche pricing- Call CandiMALL 888-363-3912 for CandiREP

Worldwide the internet has become the primary source where people find information to form opinions on brands, artists, executives, and all other sorts of businesses, non-profits, and politicians. For over 3 decades California’s Chemeria Consultancy has been an exclusive promoter, influencer, and reputation builder manager to their select clients in the corporate, non-profit and political niches. Coming January 2021CandiMALL GOTV Store will begin uniquely handling political reputation management within the Chemeria Consultancy promotion syndication under their toolbox name CandiREP Reputation Management at lower 2021 pricing.

Chemeria Consultancy Founded 1973 by A.D. “Tony” Inocentes, Sr in Los Angeles-Long Beach, they now have offices worldwide in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Yakima, Ogden, Las Vegas and Tucson on the west coast, They can be found in the central United States in Chicago, Kenosha, St Louis, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Houston, and New Orleans. They are also offering political promotions and reputation management in the East in Atlanta, Greenville SC, Miami, Tampa, Boca Raton, Raleigh NC, Portsmouth, Alexandria. Washington DC. New Jersey, and New York. In 2016 they became international when they moved the Chemeria’s primary headquarters to Cebu City, in the Philippines. However, no political services are offered in the Philippines.

Inocentes announced yesterday, “Starting 2021 political promotions, influence, PR, and reputation management services will be best handled under our ePolitical USA arm of our syndicated groups and their branded digital political toolbox CandiMALL GOTV Store. Our political clients will now have their own promoters, influencers, public relations and reputation managers that specialize in and focus on politics only. They will be better serviced and will enjoy lower pricing in 2021.”

The same lower 2021 price schedule will be shared by all other of the agency syndication pr members that are offering digital and non digital image brand building influence promotion and reputation management services in the United States.

Asked to share more about what will make their new CandiREP Reputation management services uniquely effective Inocentes, Sr said, “We are not going to be sharing to the open public exactly how the CandiREP reputation management strategy works because it is much of it is proprietary and we don’t want to encourage copy cats. But we have been and will continue to share privately with our political clients how they work. It is for their benefit, as well as ours, to keep this confidential for now. Our premium elected political clients have entrusted us year round to build, protect and guard their reputations for decades and we have been very successful.”

Inocentes further stated, “CandiMALL GOTV Store‘s price schedule is an attraction for candidates and their political consultants because the pricing is the most reasonable and, for some services, we are lowest in the country. Moreover, our customer service is unquestionably solid and diligent.”

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