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ePolitical USA 619-263-5900 CA political digital GOTV consultant service Los Angeles San Diego Riverside San Bernardino get out the vote digital political consulting see https://ePoliticalUSA.com

ePolitical USA 619-263-5900 a California political and digital GOTV consultant with operations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Fresno, Bakersfield, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton and Orange County has today been recognized as being the front runner in the realm of promotion of California get out the vote digital political consulting. This news coincides nicely with ePolitical USA’s recent recognition as a statewide favorite California strategical political GOTV consulting firm, and the firm soon reaching 47 years in business.

The digital GOTV elections consultant agency provides PR, GOTV, polling, geotargeted political advertising, reputation management, robo calling services, ringless voicemail drops, web design, video production, sms text messaging blasts, and social media campaign strategies to political endeavors or all sizes from local to national elections and Super PACs. Boasting of 84 publicly elected officials nationwide that includes 6 mayors in Southern California that currently headline their prestigous client list. They are the owners that operate the CandiMALL GOTV Store on the internet that provides an election toolbox suite of digital get out the vote election marketing tools nationwide.

ePolitical USA, a non-partisan services provider, has been operating in the GOTV digital PR and Marketing arena for 47 Years and competes against notable businesses from around the USA. They have been able to make such a strong impression on the market and gain reputation because ePolitical USA being a one stop digital GOTV Store with an e-toolbox for political promotions. ePolitical USA is a member of a promotion syndication of firms under the Chemeria Consultancy Syndication umbrella. Other Syndicate members are innovative designers of websites and mobile app development using artificial intelligence, video marketing avatars, and smart dynamic interactive videos. The Syndicates services make Chemeria a fiercely competitive global digital marketing agency. .

AD “Tony” Inocentes Sr, the Syndication’s Founder spoke about its’ recent recognition, expanding on some of the decisions and motivations that led the business to the level it has currently attained.

“When it all first started, it was made unmistakingly clear we wanted to be the kind of syndidcation that was known for “Making Winners”. One of the biggest challenges we faced has been digital services undergoing fast constant change, fast growing competition and innovations. Fortunately with some extraordanary people behind us, our 47 years of hands on experience and being industry pioneering innovators, we have overcome all obstacles and we really hit our stride. We are the inventors of Chex by Phone, Political Robo Calls and Robo polls and those awesome products have gained us much respect.”

Inocentes Sr, also mentioned ePoltical USA’s future plans involve ongoing creative digital research and development that will create Winners on election days. . “it is the desire of the syndication to be recognized as the nationwide political GOTV leader by providing cost effective winning products and strategic consulting for our clients.”

ePolitical USA plans to maintain its position at the helm of political GOTV consulting and promotin for decades more to come, building on its almost 5 decades success , finding the best ways to serve its customers and the world at large.

More information on ePolitical USA can be found at: https://ePoliticalUSA.com or calling (619) 263-5900. To peruse the election toolbox e-tools at CandiMALL GOTV Store see https://GOTV.store and for details of the Chemeria Consultancy Syndication and its’ members check out https://Chemeria.com

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