Podcast Guest Keynote Speaker Entrepreneurial Topics Availability Updated

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An experienced podcast talk show host has updated his availability to reflect the broad and current topics he is confident discussing. John C Morley is an entrepreneur, engineer, and marketer.

An experienced podcast talk show host, engineer, entrepreneur, and marketer has updated his availability as a keynote speaker. John C Morley explains he is available to discuss entrepreneurial topics, technology, marketing trends, and engineering updates.

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The newly updated availability schedule is reflective of the broad knowledge John can offer podcast hosts and interviewers. He explains he has over 30 years of business knowledge and is a passionate serial entrepreneur.

Since launching his own business, John has gone on to build his own marketing and full print publication production center, which means he is well placed to answer business and marketing questions. For instance, a focus of his work today is getting people quality connections on LinkedIn by helping people tell their story in a unique way.

As a keynote speaker and guest, John is confident discussing and explaining how technology works, what it does, how to stay safe while using it, and what upcoming technology trends consumers can expect.

John explains that as a passionate entrepreneur and businessman, his enthusiasm and technology knowledge come across when he is speaking. His diverse experience includes working with small businesses and enterprise companies.

Two of the largest international banks have chosen John’s company to work with because of the experience and expertise John offers. He is confident talking about LinkedIn, technology, hardware, software, security, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Additionally, John is adaptable and able to discuss topical issues such as new and emerging software and hardware technologies because of the pandemic. He is also happy to discuss the changing workplace environment with employees and employers working from home as well as self-improvement and coaching techniques.

A spokesperson said: “When John started his own full in-house digital and print production company, he quickly realized how to reach his clients and the right way to do so. Later, he concluded there was a void in the market, and he knew how to help companies get their message out to the world – he trademarked the phrase ‘We Give Your Business A Voice’.”

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