Pocket Magnifying Glass With Handheld LED Illuminated Power Lens Launched

Illumizoom presents its portable ergonomic handheld magnifier with LED illumination. This magnifying glass with LED light has a rubberized handle and an easy lens release mechanism. As a bonus offer, Illumizoom offers a soft microfiber carry case, a cleaning kit, and card-sized magnifier.

Illumizoom announced the launch of its flagship handheld LED magnifier and a bonus special offer of a card-sized pocket magnifier, storage, and cleaning kit. Featuring high-magnification interchangeable glass power lenses, Illumizom offers three carefully calibrated magnification levels. This magnifying glass with LED light serves as an effective vision aid for students, teachers, the elderly, and for those who suffer from partial vision impairment.

More information about the Illumizoom handheld LED magnifier is available on the company’s website,http://illumizoom.com.

The Illumizoom hand held illuminating magnifying glass features a durable and ergonomic rubberized grip. The device is powered by 3 AAA-sized batteries and uses twin LED lights for uniform beam spread and optimum illumination. Illimizoom’s unique quick release system permits users to choose between one of three clear, high-focus magnification glass lenses with magnifications to the order of 2x, 5x, and 16x.

The product’s strong acrylic frame easily seats the glass lenses that surpass the magnification and clarity of conventional plastic lenses. This makes the handheld LED magnifier an excellent tool for reading and field specimen examination in low-light conditions. Some of the applications of the handheld LED light magnifying glass include philately, mineralogy, biological specimen examination, reading small print, and visual impairment assistance. Illumizoom ensures accessibility and ease of use with the conveniently placed large LED light switch and rubberized dotted grip on the underside of the LED light magnifier.

According to a spokesperson for the company, “Illumizoom is designed to read small font sizes in print or in digital media and is especially useful to hobbyists in the examination of documents, stamps, and even needlework. Our commitment to quality in design and manufacture is underlined by the 100 percent money back guarantee on any defects and a lifetime warranty on the product.”

Illumizoom is the manufacturer of high-quality handheld magnifying devices. Illumizoom offers three complimentary bonus products with the purchase of the handheld portable magnifier: a microfiber case for quick portability, a soft cleaning cloth to keep lenses grime-free, and a credit card-sized pocket magnifier. This daily living magnifier aid can be ordered through online marketplaces and by visiting http://illumizoom.com.

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