Plymouth, Minnesota Computer and Cellphone Repair Store Reopens with New Name

Plymouth computer and cellphone repair store reopens with a new name, borrowing from mythology to create an amusing brand identity. Same staff and location, but a different name – along with help from the Gods and Goddesses of Mt. Tech-Nopia.

The Data Doctors store in the Plymouth Station closed its doors on December 31, 2016, and reopened the next day as Computer Troubleshooters Plymouth. Fortunately, Plymouth residents discovered they didn’t lose a valuable local resource for repairs to their mobile devices, computers, and other small electronic equipment. Cell Phone Repair (CPR) and Computer Troubleshooters (CT) Plymouth, as it’s now called, turns out to be a major upgrade – with an interesting connection reaching all the way back to about 500 BC.

“The big change is the name,” explains owner Murray Death. “We are an affiliate of the Cell Phone Repair and Computer Troubleshooters national network of stores.” He also notes there are two businesses housed at this location. One staff handles both sets of customers.

• CPR Plymouth offers cellphone and mobile device repairs.

• CT Plymouth takes care of IT services and computer repairs suited for residents and local businesses.

“My team is highly skilled,” says Death. “They’re just as comfortable removing a computer virus as they are helping you tweak the settings on your iPhone or repairing your iPad.”

“Actually” adds Death, “there is also an offsite group lending help. You’ll never meet them, but you’ll recognize the names. Does Zeus ring a bell? Remember Athena or Poseidon? We brought them on as consultants.”

According to the store’s new website,, these former Mt. Olympus inhabitants are now known as the Gods and Goddesses of Mt. Tech-Nopia. They had been searching for a way to stay relevant in the age of smartphones, streaming video, and cyber hackers. They retrained and relocated to a different location – Mt. Tech-Nopia gets a better WiFi signal. Each deity has responsibilities more in sync with current times, yet still matching their respective legendary temperament and personality. They provide “high level support” to the mortal tech experts at CPR Plymouth and CT Plymouth.

Each god or goddess will contribute to the website’s blog, “Technology for Mortals.” also is where the mortal team will post details about upcoming events at the Plymouth store. The Gods and Goddesses of Tech-Nopia will not attend, but they decreed via text message that these events are to be known as “Forums.”

The first Tech-Nopia Forum will be scheduled soon, so check the Tech-Nopia website for updates. Who knows – one might catch owner Murray Death wearing Zeus’s Toga!

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About CPR Plymouth and CT Plymouth Specializes in digital device repairs including computers, laptops, cameras, MP3 players, and much more. Also offers a wide range of computer services and solutions for area small business owners. Visit on the web at: and

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