Plugin Sniper Steve Forster 2016 WordPress Finder Software Released

The new Sniper Plugin Wordpress plugin has just been released by Steve Forster allowing users to identify which plugins their competitors websites are using.

A new WordPress plugin, program and advanced hosting called Plugin Sniper has just been released by Steve Forster to allow users to reveal whatever WordPress plugins their competitors are using.

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WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system supporting more than 60 million websites. A study in April 2016 discovered that WordPress is used by over 26.4% of the world’s top 10 million websites.

Because WordPress is so popular a vast array of over 40,000 different plugins have been launched with custom features making it easy for users to custom build their sites for specific needs. This proliferation of plugins makes it possible for competitors of a site to duplicate their plugins and increase their chances of success competing in the same online market.

Unfortunately the huge number of plugins also makes working out which plugin a site is using a difficult or even near impossible task.

The newly released Plugin Sniper is designed to help identify exactly which plugins a site is using. This makes it possible for a user to analyze competitors’ sites in a niche to find key plugins like search engine optimization plugins, email capture plugins, analytics, content tools, XML sitemap plugins, lead tracking and analysis plugins, broken link checkers, spam avoidance plugins, split testing plugins, editorial and content management plugins, caching backup plugins, social media integration plugins and many more.

Many WordPress plugins are not well known but can have exceptional value to a website owner especially if they are already proven to work in the same niche market that website owner is operating. The newly released WordPress sniper gives users the information and insights on plugins that are likely to make a genuine difference to a site and makes it very easy to find and install those key plugins.

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